Soothing sleep sounds

Version: 5.0.1-40027 | Cost: In App Purchases

Level 0 - Simple Wellbeing
Country: PL
Category: Staying calm/Sleeping well
Released: 01/01/0001
Updated: 30/03/2019
Version: 5.0.1-40027
Size: 40mb
Developer: Zodinplex
Reviewed On: 10/08/2019
This App achieved an ORCHA score of 75%.

It was assessed as a Level 0 App. These apps are designed to support general wellbeing and have limited feature sets and don’t collect any data. Because they are not health focussed and do not collect data we only assess their compliance in the User Experience domain.

This App doesn’t collect any data and it is therefore only assessed and scored based on its performance in the User Experience section of our review.

User Experience
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Developer description
You’ve probably had trouble falling or staying asleep at some time in your life. Cramming for exams, stressing about work, and over-indulging in late night TV can leave your mind and body too stimulated to rest. This app will give you the tools you need to find your way back to the serenity of a good night’s sleep. Nature sounds, self-hypnosis, and other techniques will help guide you to your quiet place, where you can shed the day and welcome sleep with open arms and a soft pillow. Our free Lullaby application contain following sounds: - Lullaby F.Schubert (classical music) - Lullaby F.Mendelssohn - Lullaby J.Brahms - Sleep my little Prince W.Mozart - Lullaby G.Bizet - Lullaby N.Rimsky-Korsakov (classical lullabies) - O mio babbino caro G.Puccini - Lullaby P.Tchaikovsky (soothing music for sleep) - Lullaby D.Türk - Evening star R.Schumann - Lullaby A.Lyadov - Sweet dreams P.Tchaikovsky Features of our free "soothing sleep meditation sounds" application: + classical music + relax and sleep sounds + Soothing sleep meditation sounds + high-quality soothing music for yoga + best lullabies for babies and adults + lullaby ringtones and alarm + deep relaxation with meditation songs + relax sounds to sleep + bedtime music + soothing sounds to go to sleep If you’re wide-awake, unable to sleep, and wondering what you can do about it, wonder no more. Get started with our helpful app and before you know it, you’ll be sound asleep and reinvigorated to tackle a new day. Whether you need to reduce the stress in your life, learn better breathing habits, or track your sleep patterns to learn what helps.
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Alerts And Notifications
The App provides alerts and notifications relevant to its area of focus

This Review Area looks at how an App has been designed to support the overall user experience. This includes its availability on both primary platforms, how customisable the App is, how well it caters for end users with different capabilities and needs – such as visual or other impairments – how content is managed, how well supported the App is and what it costs. This area also looks at overall User Review scores from both platforms.


It wasn'tclear from our review that the App had been through end user testing as part of its design and development.


The App does provide customisable features.

End user capacity

The App does provide support for users with poor sight.

The App does provide support for users with hearing difficulties.


The App doesn't appear to have a clear approach to dealing with user issues.


The App isn't entirely free to use.

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Scores below 45% indicate that an App has considerable issues or challenges and in its current form is potentially unhelpful or unsafe.

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